New. Trusted.

A new course.
A new name.
A new location.
A new corporate identity.

Familiar faces.
Trusted quality.

What we do

Our lawyers know everything there is to know (yes, really!) about the legal side of doing business. We are proficient in these areas of law.

Tailored advice

Our lawyers are proficient in the law. Hardly surprising as that is our business. But we are also well acquainted with your sector. We have a great deal of knowledge and experience in the sectors:

This is how we work

Businesspeople's lives revolve around their business. We, too, are just as committed to their business. We combine ambition with dedication and we are clear about the costs and feasibility.

For businesspeople

Does your life revolve around your business?

The same applies to us. We understand what your business needs, we value long-term relationships and we understand our clients thoroughly. We are accessible, easy to reach and don't make things any more complicated than they have to be.

Enthusiastic & clear

Is it giving you sleepless nights?
We understand. If you are facing setbacks, that will only encourage us to work harder and do everything we can - while remaining clear about the costs and feasibility of your case.

Experienced & ambitious

Are you looking for an experienced lawyer?
We have years of experience but are still constantly looking to innovate. That makes us flexible and lets us discuss ideas, provide advice and conduct legal proceedings at the highest level.



Bosselaar & Strengers Lawyers

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