We provide customized services based on clear agreements tailored to your needs. This applies also to the fee arrangements agreed with you.

You agree with your lawyer how the services will be charged to you for each case. We offer you the following possibilities:

Hourly rate
The time spent on a matter is charged at your lawyer’s hourly rate. The amount of your lawyer’s hourly rate depends on his/her professional expertise (i.e. years of experience).

A fixed fee for the following services during an agreed period:

  • urgent, primary legal assistance;
  • monthly meetings and in-house case discussion.

Fixed fee
A fixed fee for the whole assignment, such as the drafting of an advice.

A variant on the fixed fee: a discount is given if the lawyer handling the case spends less time on the matter than originally estimated.

Success fee
A variant on the hourly rate: an additional sum is added to the agreed hourly rate in the event of success.

Flat fee / Blended rate
A variant on the hourly rate: the rate for all lawyers is the same irrespective of the lawyer’s professional experience (i.e. number of years).

Contrary to many other offices we do not charge separately for office costs. Third-party costs, i.e. the costs of bailiffs and experts, are not included in the hourly rate. This also applies to court fees levied by the court in civil or administrative proceedings.

It goes without saying that all fee arrangements agreed with you comply with the current laws and regulations.