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Legal disputes about office space, business premises or a home, whether leased or bought, often involve large sums of money and stakes. Before you end up having sleepless nights, we recommend having a proper talk with our property experts.

The Property lawyers at Bosselaar & Strengers also see themselves as a little like property developers. Their projects result in recommendations with solid supporting evidence on questions of tenancy, purchasing and other legal aspects relating to property. They will also help you come up with sound and pragmatic arguments for the courts, should this be necessary. Yet they cannot help being a little envious of their clients who actually build, fit out or develop properties, or let or rent office or retail space. 

Purchasing and selling property

Our property experts are very good at seeing things from their clients' perspective and they are well informed about the issues in the property sector. They are proficient in landlord and tenant law, the purchase and sale of property, property development, real rights (ownership, easements, ground lease, apartment rights and statutory rights and duties between neighbors), environmental and planning law and the civil-law aspects of construction law.

Retailers, contractors and property developers

Their know-how and years of experience make our property lawyers the perfect partner for businesses in Utrecht. The property lawyers work closely with their colleagues in Administrative Law & Government as additional expertise is often needed in these areas. Our property specialists' clients are property developers, professional property investors, property managers, contractors and construction companies. We also assist housing corporations, retailers (including supermarket chains), franchise organizations, estate agents, architects and private individuals. 

Do you have a question about property or are you struggling with landlord and tenant law?

Don't delay any longer, contact our property lawyers at once if you have your eye on new business premises, plan to start a new construction project or have been held to account for a hidden defect. We would also be happy to help if you are finding environmental and planning law or landlord and tenant law more of a struggle than you expected!


The government is your best friend, right? Until the relationship turns out to have cooled. Businesses, particularly in the construction sector, regularly have to deal with administrative law cases. Nerve-racking? Not for independent-minded lawyers. 

The Administrative Law & Government lawyers at Bosselaar & Strengers are capable of standing their ground. They are not easily overawed by the usual opposing party, namely the government. That is because they know that good arguments will always win when up against an administrative show of strength. They know the lay of the land in government from experience and understand how decisions are taken. They are also familiar with the way civil servants and politicians operate. We form a close-knit team of experts, preferably together with our clients. No one can easily drive a wedge between that. 

Administrative law for businesspeople 

The Administrative Law & Government lawyers work for property investors and managers, private individuals, estate agents, construction companies, property developers, contractors, housing corporations and architects. They advise clients on spatial and general administrative law, private law in relation to the public sector, and institutional and constitutional law. Our specialists in administrative law work closely with our colleagues in Property because administrative law cases often concern property. Together, they can tackle any legal question relating to administrative law and property law. 

Notice through the letterbox or another conflict with the government

Our experts in administrative law will not give up at the first hurdle. Whether you are dealing with national or local authorities or an apparently watertight plan or decision, sound legal advice and proper sensitivity to the administrative and political aspects can work miracles. Why not try it?



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