When it comes to privacy, not doing anything is not an option. No business can avoid taking action to deal with the changes in the privacy legislation. Any business that saves or processes personal data is affected by this. 

The privacy lawyers at Bosselaar & Strengers closely monitor the privacy legislation and are well informed about the practical application of those rules. We help businesspeople come up with solutions that will let them comply with privacy legislation with as little inconvenience as possible. 

Big increase in fines

What are you allowed to do as a business with your customers' data and what not? What measures do you need to take to prevent abuse?

It can seem as if you are allowed to do less and less. How long are you allowed to keep different types of data, what should you do in the event of a data leak or if a hacker threatens to steal your data, and what if your data end up in the public domain? Privacy legislation changes quite often but one thing is clear: a business that fails to look into this will pay the price sooner or later. What is more, the fines for non-compliance with privacy legislation have increased considerably in recent years. 

Specialized in privacy law

Our lawyers who are specialized in privacy law know all about the specific issues in different sectors. Our team regularly advises healthcare institutions, financial service providers and other businesses on privacy legislation. Our recommendations are practical and directly applicable. That will let you get back to business. 

A data leak and no idea what you should do?

You have just discovered once again how easily a data leak can happen. Even losing a USB memory stick poses a risk. What should you do? Call us - we will help you quickly!



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