Liability & Insurance

The Netherlands is not nearly as litigious as America but here too you will want to avoid lawsuits, if only because a liability case can be a huge distraction from your day-to-day work.

Our specialist Liability & Insurance lawyers know everything there is to know about liability and insurance law. We combine experience, ambition and constant curiosity when we assist you in liability proceedings and disputes about policies. We work for both insurance companies and insured parties.

Insurance law

We excel in insurance law. We give advice and conduct litigation in policy disputes on a daily basis. Examples are disputes about the cover in fire insurance, contractors' all risk (CAR) insurance, liability insurance, transport insurance, fraud insurance, credit insurance and life insurance.


We are proficient in liability law and have a great deal of experience with directors' and officers' liability. A key element in liability law is the correct interpretation of the charges. That sounds obvious but it is something lawyers often forget. We make sure we get to the bottom of the case, thereby increasing your chances of a successful outcome.

Are you facing a claim, or did you not see the small print?

Are you facing a serious claim, are there differences of opinion about the small print or do you just want to discuss an insurance case? Our lawyers are flexible and give top-quality advice.



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