Insolvency & Restructuring

You do business in good times and in bad. Doing business is your profession. If you run into trouble, we can help you restructure and avoid liquidation.

Alert businesspeople will figure out in time what is going wrong and take appropriate action. They will carry out a reorganization, introduce a different financing model, take a good look at the risks that are being incurred of optimize the company structure. With out experience in restructuring and insolvency situations, our lawyers will soon be able to help you do this and get an overview.

From the start of a company to the finish

Our lawyers are not only involved in setting up companies, they also advise and assist clients whose companies are going through tough times. If the company is in real trouble, we can be appointed the liquidator in the event of a liquidation.

Doing business when times are hard

If a business ends up in trouble despite everything, we can use our knowledge of insolvency law to try and turn things around of prevent a further deterioration in the situation Is the accounting system in order, can a repayment arrangement be made with the creditors, has an inability to pay been reported to the tax authority, can the directors be held liable for their actions or governance choices? At this stage, you may not have a good overview of all of this. But we do.

Publications and talks on corporate law

Our Insolvency & Restructuring lawyers regularly publish articles and give courses for directors, company and other lawyers, and company accountants to keep them informed about the latest legal developments in their field.

Insolvency Law and restructuring in brief


Assisting companies that are in trouble, restructuring debts and offering a composition with creditors, assessing risks and liabilities, reorganizations, company structures.

Insolvency law

Advice to creditors and suppliers when there is a threat of liquidation, assisting the buyer in the event of a relaunch, splitting up the company into viable and non-viable units, fraudulent preference, directors' liability, disputes with liquidators, handling liquidations and suspensions of payments as the liquidator or administrator.

Financing and collateral

Advising, drawing up and conducting litigation on credit documentation, security interests such as pledges, mortgage rights, surety agreements, bank guarantees, rights of retention, settlement, enforcement of security rights, lease agreements, factoring agreements.

Is your business in trouble?

The financial consequences of a liquidation are huge. Do you think it won't come to that? All too often, we see businesspeople believing this will not happen but then having to face the negative consequences later. If you contact our lawyers without delay, you could still be able to save your company. Whatever the situation, we can certainly let you know straight away what you can expect. Phone or send an e-mail at once.



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