Employment Law

Employment relationships can go wrong. Our Employment Law lawyers see the consequences of this on a daily basis yet they are still optimistic people because they also know how to resolve employment-law conflicts. Or prevent them.

Being clear beforehand about the rules in a company or organization is a good way of avoiding problems later on. It seems obvious but our employment law specialists often find deficiencies in the basic setup. For example, there may be no clear-cut, document agreements, the limits to what is allowed have often not been set clearly, or employees may not know where they stand.

Clear agreements as the basis

Ideal employees behave in such a way that best serves the interests of the organization. They know that a hygiene protocol or duty of confidentiality is crucial to the company, and realize that non-compliance has consequences. The ideal employer? With our assistance, it will have set out the company's interests in unambiguous guidelines and shared this with its staff. The Employment Law lawyers at Bosselaar & Strengers give advice on entering into, implementing, amending and terminating employment contracts. They know how collective labour agreements work and what these let you do (and in particular what you cannot do), they regularly draw up redundancy plans and increasingly advise organizations on how privacy can be incorporated in their HR policy.

Companies and their directors

Most of the work in our Employment Law practice is for large and medium-sized companies in the business and non-profit sectors. Our lawyers are also always able to help executive board members, works councils and private individuals. Our experience lets us soon identify the essential elements of the case.

Talks and courses on employment law

Our Employment Law specialists are happy to talk about their field of expertise. They would be pleased to give a talk or course on employment law, whether our offices or in-house at your location. Some examples of topics are the setup for personnel files, employment conflicts, changes to the law on termination of employment, flexible employment relationships and the New Way of Working. You can avoid a lot of problems if your knowledge in these areas is up to date. Please feel free to invite us to give a talk.

Reorganization plans? An employment conflict?

Our Employment Law specialists are accessible and easy to reach. If you are facing setbacks, that will only encourage them to work harder.



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