Care organizations, educational institutions and even housing corporations are often dealing with the same kind of far-reaching changes. Common factors are more scope for market forces, a different role for government and new forms of collaboration. Often there are issues concerning codes of conduct and how to give shape to the supervisory task or the remuneration of directors. What is more, many institutions face a need to restructure, whether in the short term of the longer term.

We oversee and understand the entire non-profit sector

Bosselaar & Strengers had a close-knit, experienced team of lawyers who understand these often complex issues. They know everything there is to know about the legal aspects that could affect organizations in the public and semi-public sectors. We know our way around, have an extensive network among decision-makers and work constantly on the active transfer of know-how with and for our business relations. 

At the heart of the healthcare sector

Whether it is the regularly recurring conflicts between hospital directors and doctors, reorganizations, the use of flexible labour or healthcare funding, these are all areas that our lawyers have experience with. They keep up to date with the latest developments among care providers and institutions. They know all about the topics that are causing political problems and they have an extensive network among decision-makers and doctors, with whom they are constantly discussing know-how and ideas.

Familiar with the education sector

We have experience in this sector, from childcare to vocational and higher education. We give advice on restructuring, including board transfers, mergers and splits. We also deal with governance and ethical issues. In this sector too, we are well informed about the political and administrative trends affecting you. 

At home with the housing corporation sector

We know the world of the housing corporations inside out, in particular the executive and supervisory levels. We know the kind of governance questions that can arise, whether between the directors and the supervisory board or within the supervisory board itself. We are also familiar with and understand the ethical issues that a corporation may encounter. Moreover, we have thorough knowledge of how public supervisory bodies operate, for example the Ministry of the Interior, the Netherlands Authority for Housing Associations and the Social Housing Guarantee Fund (WSW). In addition to consultancy on governance and compliance, our track record in the sector includes assistance in major restructuring processes, mergers, acquisitions and the sale of large property portfolios.



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