Property & Construction

Businesspeople in the construction industry like to literally set things up. They are makers and creators who get their hands dirty. Nothing is more irritating for them than to face obstructions in the form of legal issues. But construction is precisely an area that is often affected by a mesh of multiple legal aspects. Our Property & Construction specialists are well acquainted with all these legal aspects.

What is involved in the construction industry? 

As a businessperson in the building trade, you rarely work alone. You have staff, contractors you are working with, clients and suppliers. You conclude agreements on a daily basis, lodge objections to zoning plans, chase up invoices o unpaid installments, file complaints against subcontractors for breach of contract or face claims because you have not delivered as agreed. In all these cases, you will want to discuss matters with a lawyer who knows what is involved in your sector: what is standard practice, what not and, especially, where do you stand?

Areas of legal expertise in Property & Construction 

Our Property & Construction sector team has a great deal of experience with the law of construction contracts, public-private partnerships, spatial and general administrative law, environmental and planning law, landlord and tenant law, insurance, restructuring and financing. Our colleagues can also give you good advice on employment law and flexible contracts in the building trade. In cross-border cases, we can offer international legal support thanks to our international network, Multilaw.



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